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Julie Baron, LCSW-C

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Working with adolescents is as rewarding as it can be challenging.  I have had the privilege of hearing from thousands of teens over the years. They have shared compellingly what works with them. The secret to success for any helping adult working with teens lies in how we develop, manage, and value our working relationships with them.  The research also supports these personal accounts from so many adolescents.  

Though this may seem simple, it is more complicated than it looks.  In What Works With Teens, hear the voices and stories of teens' real experiences with their teachers coaches, therapists and other helping adults.  Some stories are heartbreaking and others are inspiring.  Learn the elements of a powerfully engaging relationship and the skills, that when thoughtfully implemented, help teens successfully reach their goals.

Two clinical social workers offer clinicians, educators, coaches, and other youth workers the first professional book that focuses on engaging authentically with teens in order to create lasting change.

Anyone who works with teens should read this book. 

Additional Services


Enhance your clinical skills and professional knowledge of evidence-based interventions. I provide one time case consultations for difficult cases, ongoing consultation to licensed mental health professionals looking to grow in their field, and supervision to LMSWs working toward clinical licensure in the state of Maryland.   


For 20 years I have had the privilege of presenting trainings and interactive workshops for teens, parents, and professionals.

Presentations have included topics on:

  • Adolescent Social Culture

  • Bullying and Social Aggression (specific to boy culture and girl culture)

  • Treatment with Adolescents

  • Parenting Adolescents

  • Understanding and Managing Stress (for teens, parents and in the workplace) 

  • Understanding and Managing Technology Use with Teens

  • Positive School Climate

  • Positive Behavior Management

  • Date and Acquaintance Sexual Aggression

  • Healthy Relationships

  • What Works With Teens (for parents and professionals)
    *All programs are uniquely designed for each specific audience and program goals​


I offer the following consultation services for schools:

  • Consultation to school counselors in delivering a variety of programs and services 

  • Crisis intervention consultation and support

  • Development of comprehensive school counseling programs

  • School climate program development

  • Training to faculty and staff on mental health, adolescent development, behavior management and creating safe and respectful school communities

  • School advocacy services to families navigating 504 Plan or special education services and accommodations

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