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  • Julie Baron, LCSW-C

Warmly Welcoming 2022

As we transition into a new year, so often we think of things we want to do to change something. We "resolve" to achieve a goal by practicing different behaviors that may prove to be more difficult than we anticipated. Perhaps our wave of motivation to impulsively mark a fresh start is overzealous?

What if instead, this new year, we resolve to allow things to be as they are? To simply notice, observe, allow. Sort of like if you are bathing in the warmth of the sun and allowing a total absorption in its midst, or floating on a raft and feeling the waves beneath you. It has been an exhausting couple of years. It seems we are desperately trying to control things in the midst of so many things we are helpless to affect, or at least in the immediate.

I know what you must be thinking...LET THINGS BE AS THEY ARE???

I know, I know. We are tired of the variant ebbs and flows of viral impact, weather tragedies taking lives and ravaging communities, and racial injustices that cannot stand. All valid and all important to address. And...

We are tired. Our kids and teens are suffering mental unwellness and strain to keep up with the unrelenting demands of a hyperfunctioning culture. The Surge

on General's recent report "Protecting Youth Mental Health" (here if you care to read) has many good suggestions on things we can do to support our yo

uth. Though most importantly perhaps may be to just be with our kids and each other, listen, and observe how they and we are doing.

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Accepting what is does not mean we are ok with what is or want it to continue indefinitely. However, acceptance precedes any change. Given the past two years have been so draining, it seems appropriate that we take some time to recharge our batteries, take note of how we are feeling, what thoughts we are having, and what is happening around us. Give ourselves a break. Notice what is (in ourselves, in others, in our surroundings) with curiosity and compassion.

So this new year, let's try something a little different. Take time to be Mindful. Then, more thoughtfully, we can evaluate and more effectively execute any change we urge to make.

Wishing everyone a 2022 with whatever it is you most need.


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