Week 1 of Coronavirus shut down was for many a welcome relief of daily responsibilities and tasks. For teens especially, staying up late, sleeping in, chatting with friends, and plugging into screens of choice became the rhythm. By week 2 parents started getting frustrated at this passive state and the many teens I spoke with were feeling bored, restless, and unproductive (though still enjoying sleeping in). As we contemplate continued physical school closures for the foreseeable weeks ahead, it’s time to implement restructuring. Some schools have been better than others at providing online learning opportunities. The resources range from regular daily school schedule video classrooms (so

Tolerating Uncertainty

The only certainty is in knowing there will be uncertainty. One of the core skills we advocate in working with and raising teens is Predictability. We know that predictability creates a sense of safety and reduces anxiety and therefore increases innovation and positive risk taking. So… what do we do when something like a virus creates widespread uncertainty and disruption in our daily lives? The current uncertainty with COVID-19 is understandably creating anxiety for kids, teens and adults alike. It is also an opportunity. Life can never be without adversity and painful moments, many of which we may not see coming. Working our muscles for Tolerating Uncertainty is a critical life skill.



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